Friday, May 16, 2014

The Ides of May

This week has been a deeper shade of hectic.  No getting around that twisted reality.  Had to miss multiple events…the Tigers game, the “Delegate Guy Guzzone Annual Pizza Party” (presumably the final one, assuming he has a new title next year…which would be awesome, well-deserved and fantastic for the cause of good government in the State of Maryland). So prepare yourself for Random Friday Thoughts!

1. The Anti-Inner Arbor Fussbudget Brigade was in rare form this week.  Deciding that “facts” are for the pusillanimous, one of their ilk used the phrase, “Putin-esque” to refer to the Inner Arbor planning process.  Obviously this is true because of the tanks that rolled through Symphony Woods following the 8 – 2 vote in favor of the Inner Arbor Concept Plan and Trust.  Wait, there was no forced annexation of territory?  Correct, and further, not one blade of grass was damaged by the CA Board’s 2013 vote.  On the contrary, some ill-tempered protestors from the aforementioned Brigade recently inflicted their own brand of “environmentalism” in the Woods, as is referenced in this excellent blog post right here.

So who is trying to strong-arm whom?

2. Looking forward to watching the League of Women Voters of Howard County State Legislative Candidate Forum online this weekend (need to catch the D13 candidates).  A big round of applause to all of those at the LWV for performing such a vital educational service…informing the electorate through skillfully moderated forums and detailed voter guides.  Nicely done.   And yes, that write-up on District 13 will be handled. Soon.     

3. As I write this, the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) is gathering in Anaheim, California.  Frankly, the opinion research industry is in need of a bloodletting.  There are some exciting…and possibly unnerving…technological innovations that are emerging (oh the possibilities of brain mapping).  Like John Cusack’s character in Grosse Pointe Blank, I hate meetings so I am not in attendance but I wish my colleagues well.  

That is all for today.  Have a wonderful Preakness/Wine in the Woods Weekend!

Stay tuned, as more will follow.


  1. The League's service to voters is, well, you said it best when you declared it vital.

    So I'm putting in a plug for their online fundraiser. We can all help the League cover the costs of such excellent voter service, and in return we'll receive Eternal Thanks and other fun things.

  2. Thanks! This is so important to me & my family.