Monday, July 21, 2014

Wine, Wilde Lake and Picnic Watch 2014!

While not a true state of doldrums, the months of July and August tend not to be periods of high drama when it comes to the political scene, at least not in Maryland nowadays.  The new late June primary now provides the opportunity for a pre-Labor Day respite from the crushing grind and manic pace of the trail.  Not a full R & R trip by any means, but a chance to re-group and launch into the General Election with a slightly more humane campaign schedule…at least until September rolls around.

Meanwhile, back in the Great Lake State, a reindeer farmer-and-Santa-Claus-impersonator-turned-U.S. Representative is facing off against a foreclosure attorney-misery profiteer for the GOP nomination for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.  Truth > Fiction. The outcome of that match-up will be decided on August 5.

In other news, Howard County needs some vineyards and wineries.  While not (yet) an expert on the various soils and micro-climates of possible sites (presumably in the western part of the county), I have to believe, given the success of vineyards in and around Mt. Airy (the Frederick Wine Trail), that oenophiles should have some HoCo destinations from which to choose.  It goes beyond wine, of course.  Wineries tend to be excellent sites for weddings, celebrations, family gatherings, live music and a host of other happenings featuring general merriment. 

In other, other news…I am going through the Board of Education Primary Election returns now.  Why? Because I have odd hobbies. Beyond that, I am hoping to uncover some intriguing precinct-level voting results. With any luck, I will post those findings between now and the end of the month.

Turning to my neighborhood, I am delighted to report that my good friend Yolanda Epps has been appointed to the Wilde Lake Village Board.  She is razor sharp and dedicated to our community; I know she will be an excellent member of the WLVB.   

Speaking of the Village, don’t forget that the Second Annual Wilde Lake Old-Fashioned Picnic will occur on Saturday, September 13 and will run from 11 am to 3 pm.  Good people, good food, good entertainment.  Who can ask for more?

Stay tuned, as more will follow.


  1. I have some of the same odd hobbies as you and have already analyzed the school board race by precinct. However, I limited my survey to those in the top four in the specific precincts on the theory that, if you finished worse than that in a precinct, you probably weren't going to do that well there in November. Also, it's quicker than going one through thirteen in each precinct. But, of course, if one of the primary winners was thirteenth somewhere, that would tell you even more.

  2. Awesome. I ended up going with the top eight...different colors for positions one through four and one color for a fifth - eighth place showing. Excel file looks like a Christmas tree.