Saturday, February 21, 2015

Palace Intrigue in Columbia?

Watching the Squirrels of Greater Mischievousness sprint across Faulkner Ridge this morning.   So much motion; yet what purpose is being served?

A recent Howard County Times letter to the editor with the title, “Gag effort toward Alan Klein cannot be ‘anonymous’” distracted me from my rodent-focused observations.  The third paragraph, in particular, deserves a bit of attention. 

Stepping back for a moment, a re-cap of the specific allegations can be found here: 

Now, returning to the letter, the author claims that this action against Mr. Klein is an “effort to disenfranchise his constituents.”  Given the scope of the Columbia Association’s authority, and the process whereby the Board Members are elected, this assertion, even if it had an ounce of merit, is either a finely crafted piece of satire or a shockingly egregious example of hyperbole.

From my perspective, which is admittedly that of an outsider, it appears as though the Board is undertaking a procedure designed to ensure the integrity of the Columbia Association in general and the Board, as the governing body, specifically.  Further, it seems as though they are investigating this matter in the proper, legally prescribed manner.  I would think Columbia residents, particularly those who dwell in Harper’s Choice, would respect a “by the book” approach in the handling of this complaint.

The author of the letter states that this is a “staff-instigated” effort.  Oh?  So then he knows the identity of the individual who filed the complaint?  I thought he was concerned about the anonymity of the complainant.  If he doesn’t possess this information, it would appear that he is making a fairly grand leap to the conclusion that this is some sort of staff conspiracy.  Has palace intrigue become the parlor game of choice at the Wincopin HQ?  

The author, of course, is free to exercise his First Amendment rights.  It is my belief that his not-so-subtle depiction of Board Members as so many CA staff puppets is unfair, ill-founded and disrespectful.  It is arguments such as this that undermine confidence in the work of the Columbia Association.  That is the pathway to estrangement, disillusion, and ultimately the sort of disenfranchisement that he claims to working against.

I look forward to the resolution of the Klein matter, although I am certain the debate will merely take another form, because why resolve something when one can continue running about in circles, chasing after elusive acorns.       

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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