Sunday, February 10, 2019

HoCo Council, Kamala Harris, BLM

Incense and Shibboleths

Well, not so much incense…but Tahitian Vanilla candles provide a welcoming atmosphere for reflection and the sort of high-minded pontification that you, my dear readers, both expect and deserve.

Having essentially taken a month off from the blog, I was hoping to gain some valuable Perspective on the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.  Of course, the answer to that question was 42.  42 also, coincidentally, being the vehicular mph at which one may receive a $100 fine from the speed trap cameras that are poised like vultures high above 295 in DC.  OK, perhaps it is slightly higher than 42, but still, I know an Autobahn when I see one, and the limit is ridiculously low for that stretch of road.  The lack of a posted limit in that area is no accident…we are cash cow herds rambling atop rough asphalt. 

Let’s do national and local politics today.

My audio wasn’t the best, but I believe I heard Howard County Council Chairperson Christiana Mercer Rigby endorse Senator Kamala Harris for President.  [Source: recent episode of Elevate Maryland.]  If I am correct, coupled with Opel Jones’ earlier public endorsement of Harris, that accounts for half of the Democratic members of the Council lining up behind Senator Harris’ presidential bid.  I may be pulling from a small sample size here, but, in light of some of the postings from others in our community, it does seem as though HoCo’s Young Establishment is enthusiastic about the esteemed Senator from California.

Note: in the interest of declaring my interest, I am still undecided regarding a primary preference.  While this blog looks favorably upon Senator Sanders and Senator Warren, I am not sold on either (yet) for 2020. 

Frankly, as I digress, I think Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has the potential to be a once-in-a-generation talent and I hope she finds her way on a national ticket in, let’s go with 2032.  But that is looking a bit down the road, isn’t it?  I love her politics and her communications skills are extremely impressive (we are talking about approaching-their-prime Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton-level connecting abilities).  But since she is not constitutionally eligible for the office of which we are speaking, I should veer back to the topic.

Harris is probably as far right as I can go. She seems to have a better candidate skillset than Sanders or Warren and I think a series of debates between Harris and Trump would show her mettle and reveal his flaws anew in many delightful ways, in front of a global audience.  Which is why she is on my short-list…but I don’t feel compelled to announce my support for anyone yet.

Why?  First, from a mercenary standpoint, no campaign is paying me for services performed.  So there is that.  Second, I want to see how the field shapes up.  We don’t know if Stacey Abrams will enter the fray (probably not, but still….).  Among others, Biden, Beto, Brown, and Bernie haven’t declared their intentions yet.  We are living in a time where Terry F’ing McAuliffe is looking like a saint, given what is going on in Virginia now.  There is madness in every room.

What else…oh yes, I am a bit late on this one (re: infrequent posting) but, for the record, I too am very displeased about the abstentions coming from three members of the Howard County Board of Education regarding the Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action.  This was an opportunity for words on inclusion to be translated into action and for a commitment to be made, in support of and in solidarity with “Black students, families, and staff members” to quote, in part, the words of Jessica Nichols. These are our brothers and sisters, and the children of our brothers and sisters, and to not recognize the need and moral imperative for this Week of Action, in these times, is simply inexcusable.  I don’t know what was in the hearts and minds of those who abstained.  I just believe that “process” is not a valid reason for an abstention.  Dante wrote about fence-sitters…and not in the Purgatorio or the Paradiso. 

Anyway, around 700 words.  Time to wrap it up.

In solidarity.

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