Monday, July 8, 2019

Denouement and Conclusion: Retiring Spartan Considerations

Welcome to my “empire of dirt.”  After 336 posts since 2014, including some guest op-eds, I believe now is the right time to retire this platform. 

Of course, in reality, this has been the case since January 2019 when I started a new position in my old field. The statistics may not reveal the full truth, but they do not lie: in 2018, I posted 119 articles.  In 2019, including this one, a lonely 10.

It is with the irony fully embraced that I quote Oscar Wilde, “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”  I have always endeavored to present my own voice through this blog.  Right now, it doesn’t feel as though the channel and the voice are aligned.  Perhaps covering two election cycles under the same banner was enough. 

Notice I wrote, “retire this platform.”  I still believe there is much to say about global, national, state, and local matters.  Medium might be a fresh, intriguing way of connecting with audiences, old and new.

And I do believe there should be an active voice of the Left in HoCo politics. There needs to be someone who spends their precious time and energy connecting the dots between public policy making and Big Ideas such as how best to promote economic democracy, empower the average person, and avoid the “regression into Barbarism.”  Perhaps a new platform will help replenish the will to reflect and write upon topics.  Besides, there are officials (elected and otherwise) who need to be held to account…and candidates mercilessly critiqued.  How can I shirk my responsibilities, especially in these times?

But what of your favorite “friends (fiends?) of the blog”:  Dr. Hirum Atus, Clive Hammerjets, and the incomparable Slats MacCune?  What of them?  Stay tuned.

That should just about do it for today.  Look for further updates via social media.  Until then:

In Solidarity.


  1. Noooooooooooo
    I need rational guidance

  2. I wish you luck in your next opinion venture. A question though: Are you planning to take down the blog entirely? I have links in my posts to some of your past posts, and if you're going to delete the blog I'll need to fix those.

    1. Hi Frank. Thank you. I plan on leaving the blog up, so if folks want to peruse old articles, it will be around.

  3. It was entertaining, Sparty!