Sunday, June 14, 2020

Reality: Up Close and In Your Face

“You're fooling yourself if you don't believe it
You're kidding yourself if you don't believe it”  - Tommy Shaw

These lyrics came to me while I was discussing local politics with my good friend, Tranche Gerund.

She noted (correctly as always) that at least three of the BoE general election contenders (out of five seats) are receiving support from Republicans - ranging from a “you should check out Candidates X, Y, and Z, non-endorsement endorsement” to financial contributions to campaign help. 

For those of you howling that BoE elections should be “non-partisan,” you can gaze down the tracks and see that that train has indeed left the fucking station.

It’s time for all good Democrats and others who share their progressive, pro-inclusion, pro-equity worldview to vote your values.  Fence sitting is simply not an option in the face of well-organized local Trumpists who want a majority on the Board of Education. Did your preferred primary election candidate fail to advance?  Lick your wounds and get over it. Does the candidate with Republican support seem “nice?”  Who cares; some people thought that Pat Buchanan was a wonderful dinner party guest.

In short, get serious, do your research, and recognize that a Democratic sweep up and down the ticket is the only way to ensure that the Board of Education will have a progressive majority.  Having values is splendid, actually living those values by demonstrating them with your vote for, and active support of, like-minded candidates is crucial.

In solidarity.

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  1. Judicial election, too. The impact on our lives is equally important.