Friday, November 7, 2014

Yes Columbia, We Can Have Nice Things

Recognizing the oft-stated aphorism that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is my hope that the open-minded attendees of last night’s Howard County Planning Board meeting appreciated the many virtues – aesthetic, functional and otherwise – of the Inner Arbor Trust’s vision for a “curated arts park.”

I have attended several Inner Arbor presentations.  Unfortunately, with both Scandal and HTGAWM on last night, I knew my window of opportunity for being able to chat with the Mrs. was closing fast, so I headed for the exits before the bell sounded for the perpetually entertaining Speak-out session. 

I was able to catch most of Michael McCall’s remarks.  From a communications perspective, I believe the Trust has developed a very compelling narrative – with Mr. McCall delivering a solid verbal accompaniment to the impressive visual presentation.  The discussion on how the Chrysalis amphitheater could be used was both inspired and inspiring and should catch the attention of every local arts and culture maven.

The importance placed on the preservation of trees should also be noted.  Based on my understanding of the plan, it appears as though there is a concerted effort to protect the natural beauty of the Woods in which the Park would be located.  For those that are concerned about environmental issues, that commitment should be commended.

Others have written in much greater detail, and far more eloquently, than I regarding the Inner Arbor Plan.  I just want to say that the more I learn about the proposed Park, the more it reflects a vision of a near-future Columbia that is both family and arts-friendly….a true gathering place for posterity. And that would be a nice thing indeed.

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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