Sunday, December 21, 2014

Under the weather and through the woods…

Wassailing, as a general rule, has not played a prominent role in Booms Family Holiday Celebrations of years past.  That said, I am not ideologically opposed to the concept. 

Frankly, I would attend a Wassail-Fest (Wassail-Stock?)…as long as it occurred in Columbia.  The obligatory cider could be sourced from area apple orchards. There could be wassail-bowl decorating, for the kids.  Local school bands could play.  In the words of a respected Howard County activist, “It would bring the community together!”

I, for one, am tired of the anti-wassailing lobby holding back progress.   Is someone being paid off by Big Figgy Pudding? Rest assured I will be launching a full investigation into this matter.

So come on Columbia Association, let’s get on this.  Think of the critical Good Cheer diagnostic measure.  Money (the magazine) pays attention to such things in their rankings.  They will deny it, of course, unless you make the modified Know-Nothing gesture.  Even then, they might remain tight-lipped.

But seriously, why not?  And it would be perfect for Wilde Lake. 

The “Are You Ready to Wassail?!” t-shirts alone would move like hotcakes.

Back to the Game and my lozenges.  Happy Holidays to one and all!

Stay tuned, as more will follow.


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