Saturday, January 3, 2015

Content, Seulement Content

The dearth of snowfall, in tandem with the pompatus of frigid drizzle, is making for a bleak 2015 launch.  The raindrops are packed with hydrogen, oxygen and ennui.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s announcement that he is leaving his Fox News television program to explore the possibility of a second presidential campaign no doubt sent shockwaves through his audience of hundreds. I just can’t see a GOP field that contains both Huckabee and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.  Perhaps they both enter, but one of their campaigns would be on life support the day after the Iowa caucuses. In any event, Huckabee seems like yesterday’s news…which is not disqualifying…but he isn’t adding any energy to the emerging contest. At least not yet.

This is a bit insider-y but former Virginia Senator Jim Webb’s decision to bring Craig Crawford on board as his Communications Director is a moderately big deal. If you had asked me back in 1999: “Who will host Meet the Press in 2015? The Hotline’s Chuck Todd or Craig Crawford?” First, I would have replied, “What? Hold on. I had my Discman on.  TLC’s ‘No Scrubs.’ What did you say?”  After the question was repeated, Crawford would have been my reply. Smart, witty, engaging on television.  He seemed more of a natural for the milieu compared to the knowledgeable and earnest Todd.  I don’t know if Webb is the best vehicle for an Outsider Democratic presidential campaign, but Crawford is a great hire who adds some gravitas to the effort.

First post of ’15 and 100th overall.  Let’s keep it short and sweet.  Go Lions!

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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