Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let Us Cancel the "Mad Men"

Grandiloquence has a time and place; yet this is neither the hour nor the location for ornate language.

My message to the Maryland General Assembly  - frankly to every elected and appointed policymaker in this state and beyond – is simple:  Do Your Job and Treat People with Respect.

Always act as though your entire family is standing right beside you, and behave like a professional, and think about Kant and a categorical imperative…or whatever is necessary to prevent one from acting like a libidinous buffoon, sexist dolt and/or generally despicable human being.

Obviously, I am referring to the recent Kurtz article.  While not astonished by the content, I was nonetheless disheartened to read that such abhorrent behavior persists among some of those who hold positions of public trust. 

Such abuses occur in many places where political power concentrates.  They should never have occurred and they need to end now.

Of course not every lawmaker is guilty of such reprehensible deeds, but there are malefactors.  They need to be punished.

Turning to our state government, Annapolis must take steps to eradicate the culture of sexism.  Those who violate the sacred trust that must exist between those who govern and the governed must face swift and severe penalties.  Moreover, the healing light of truth should shine down upon those who engage in predatory behavior….their constituents need to know about such matters.  Institutional reforms might prove necessary, and should be welcomed in the cause of good government…and the elevation of humanity.     

My apologies to my readers… I dislike writing while infuriated.  That said, sometimes, jeremiads are necessary.

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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