Monday, April 18, 2016

Unfinished Business - Wilde Lake Edition

With Alta Wilde Lake transforming the landscape of our community, I thought I would take a moment to focus on some other developments for which the populace is clamoring:

- Progress on the Howard Community College-Wilde Lake pathway connection.  Our Village Center should be the default go-to for HCC staffers and students looking for a near-by, off-campus, non-Mall dining and hang out destination.  Our "tucked away" geographic positioning requires a clear link between the College and the Center.  Even without the soon-to-arrive new residents and retail options, Wilde Lake's Village Center feels considerably more alive than it did five years ago.  The pathway would help expedite the ongoing revitalization of our Village.

- Bringing in the new tenant for the old KFC space, sooner than later.  I have been hearing teasing statements about possible interest in this location for months.  I am getting tired of seeing the dilapidated structure that lingers across the street from our brand new CVS.  The eyesore-ness is bursting past the warped fence intended to minimize the aesthetic impact of the old building on passers-by.  Let's open up the new shop as soon as possible.

- Better grocery options in West Columbia.  David's Natural Market is boffo.  Safeway is pathetic: the ironically named "customer service" desk is sparsely staffed, Manager [name not disclosed, identifying descriptor redacted] is largely invisible, and the loitering situation - while better - remains an issue.  Nearby folks deserve a clean, safe, efficient, and value-oriented grocery store.  If Safeway can't manage this, perhaps we need to find a new grocery store tenant in the Harper's Choice Village Center, or more bus lines running from that community to the Giant off of Cedar Lane.  That store is far superior to the HC Safeway.

Yes, I got hyper-local for a minute. It was overdue.

Stay tuned, as more will follow.



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