Sunday, June 5, 2016

No Slats, Just Stats

2016 Howard County Primary Election Fun Facts – Presidential Candidate Electoral Performances at the County Council Level:

-       Trump won in four of the five County Council districts, losing only in the Fightin’ Fourth to Kasich by a 64 vote margin (2,884 to 2,820).
-       Trump’s biggest margin was in the 5th County Council district, where he outpolled Kasich with 7,550 votes compared to 5,300 for the Ohio Governor.  He also won rather handily in the 1st District, with 4,250 votes compared to 3,494 for Kasich.  In short, Trump performed best in the West HoCo GOP stronghold and ran quite well in the swing-ish 1st.
-       Kasich kept it reasonably close in the 2nd District (losing to Trump 2,716 to 2,602 votes) and in the 3rd District (again placing second to Trump by 2,512 to 2,272 votes).  In short, Kasich fared best in the more Democratic County Council districts.
-       Cruz had his strongest showing in the 5th, with 2,968 votes.  He placed third in all County Council Districts.
-       The only other GOP presidential candidate who broke three figures at the County Council level?  Ben Carson (148 votes in the 5th). 
-       Worst showing?  A tie between Huckabee (8 votes in the 1st) and Santorum (8 votes in the 4th).  Don’t stop believing.
-       On the Democratic side, Clinton won in all five County Council districts. The margins of victory were somewhat narrower in the 1st District and the 5th District, slightly over 2,100 votes in both cases.  She crushed it in the 4th, with 10,126 votes compared to 6,218 for the Vermont Senator. 

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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