Saturday, July 23, 2016

Interaction and the Great Mentioner

Yes, I have a 2016 presidential campaign update kicking around.  But the center point is not yet fully formed, so that angry piece will have to wait.   Fun is in scarce supply these days, so let’s go in that direction instead.

I was planning on posting something on the ’18 cycle in November or December of this year, but with some folks already, “exploring” 2018 options locally, why wait?

So here are the rules. If you know someone, or think you know someone, who might seek elective office in 2018, in a district that includes in whole, or in part, Howard County, email me a) their name, b) the office they might seek, c) the district where they might run, and d) their party affiliation (if appropriate).  I will not disclose the names of the individuals who provide me with this information, so you will enjoy anonymity.  Want to float someone else’s name?  Great.  Your own name? Fine.  At this point, I want to aggregate the potential candidates for the many local races that will occur in 2018.

Eventually, meaning when I am darn good and ready, I will post an early look at the races of greatest interest, where I will list all, some, or none of the names I have received.  Perhaps I will offer up some initial thoughts & analysis on the potential candidates and the districts/campaigns in which they might be involved. 

So feel free to email me some prospective candidates, works best.   Come on you HoCo political junkies, time to send up those trial balloons.

Stay tuned, as more will follow.



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