Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Anatomy of the Problem

Generally speaking, Congressman “Dutch” Ruppersberger is aware of the distinction between his ass and his elbows.  So I will assume that the following comments, lifted from the Indivisible Howard County website ( capture the barest gist of his comments on DJ Trump:

“Ruppersberger believes that there are two issues that directly affect Trump's polling: Russia and tax returns.  Whenever possible we should focus on these issues. It could be through op eds, letters to the editor, social media, marches, etc.”

Only partially true. Look, Trump’s tax returns need to be on the back burner at all times, and Russia should be on a higher flame, front and center.  But, again - and how many times do I need to explain this - voters care most about the impact of issues on themselves, not on the self-referential, inward-looking behaviors of any one individual.

It can’t be about Trump’s tax returns per se, voters already assume that most politicians are on the heavy make.  It has to be that his financial interests run counter to the very people that treat him as a savior…that he will sacrifice them at the altar of avarice so he and his grubby clique can pocket a few extra ducats.  That far from being a champion of the middle and working classes, he will gladly have them pay more in health insurance (a tax increase by any other name), in order to placate the interests of his golfing buddies. 

And on Russia, it can’t be about the sordid weekend games that oligarchs play…it needs to be boiled down to the following:  America’s security is at risk because our President is in bed with Russian neo-fascists.  This will put our young men and women who serve in our armed forces at greater risk as Putin and his cronies take advantage of our comprised Administration to advance their values – which are not our values or the values of our allies – around the world.  That anti-American sentiment will lead to greater strife and more American lives and resources spent in defense of not our national interest, but in the private interests of our “leader” who knows nothing about sacrifice for his country.  His lack of experience and Russian business dealings are not the core of the problem, they open the door to far more serious real-world problems which could impact the well-being of thousands of American families.   

So please, if you are going to persist and resist, always bring it back to John and Jane Q. Citizen.  Don’t limit it to Trump’s personal defects, of which there are many.  Make it about the impact of these shortcomings on the day-to-day lives of Americans.  This is what will assure the fraying of the Trump “coalition.”  Once they get a true sense of the bill, more voters will be able to re-align head and heart, and reject the insanity coming out of this White House.

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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