Sunday, June 10, 2018

HoCo’s Avengers: Democratic Central Committee Pre-Primary Election Special Edition

Some news and a short endorsement summary...with pictures!

Our good friends at IndivisibleHoCoMD recently announced their endorsement of the HoCo Forward slate.  Having previously written about my support for these stalwart Democrats, I agree wholeheartedly with IndivisibleHoCoMD’s decision.  Their announcement reads, in part:

“To meet these enormous challenges, we believe that it is imperative to have an energized and cohesive Democratic Central Committee that stands tall in advancing progressive values and puts forward strong, progressive Democratic candidates.  We are impressed with the diversity and caliber of the HoCo Forward candidates, who are clearly committed to cultivating the next generation of community leaders and reaching out to engage all Howard County residents, including those who are not yet politically active.”

This blog could not agree more.

Given the role and function of the Democratic Central Committee, I believe the HoCo Forward slate, along with three others, constitutes the best team Democrats can elect to help other Democrats win elections.  This group has the right combination of energy, ideas, and experience.   

The 19 candidates with the “Spartan Tendency Seal of Approval ™” are:

On the DCC Female ballot:  I am voting for the full HoCo Forward slate (Maureen Evans Arthurs, Mae Beale, Ethel Brown-Hill, Mary Catherine Cochran, Candace Dodson-Reed, Maura Cleary Dunnigan, Safa Hira, and Jennifer Jones) + Margaret Weinstein and Alicia Altamirano.

On the DCC Male ballot:  I am voting for the full HoCo Forward slate (Najee Bailey, Scott Berkowitz, Jeremy Eldridge, Tim Lattimer, Shahan Rizvi, Dhaval Shah, Herbie Smith, and Peter Spann) + Bob Ford.

For more information on HoCo Forward, feel free to visit their website:  and their Facebook page:

Avengers Assemble!

In solidarity.

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