Thursday, September 13, 2018

Campaign Updates – 9/13/18

The People’s Voice unveiled their Ethics Ballot for the County Executive, County Council, and state legislative races this morning.  While this blog supports some of the individuals who received their backing, I believe some HoCo residents would find their selections - on the surface - baffling.  An organization that lines up behind Steve Bolen and Warren Miller? Bob Flanagan and Katie Hester Fry? I know this group touts itself as “nonpartisan” but the logic of the Platoon of the Radical Unaffiliated is not readily apparent.  I look forward to reading the questionnaires…and the rationale behind their choices.  Perhaps the common thread will reveal itself then.

In other news, last night on a social media platform, an alleged Howard County resident alleged that a BoE candidate (insinuated?stated?declared? – the precise allegation remains unclear) something that touched on the topics of education and race.  Distilled to the core, the claim by the original poster – assuming it was her who wrote it and that her account wasn’t compromised – reeks of a clumsily-attempted, amateur-hour, political hit job. Some folks seemed quick to believe the nebulous and shifting account offered by the original poster.  I am not saying they knew the post would be coming…but some individuals appeared quite ready to criticize the BoE candidate based on some shaky statements from someone who seems to have an axe to grind regarding said BoE candidate.

Which makes me wonder, what is the motivation/intent of the original poster?  And is this person operating on their own or are they working on behalf of another BoE candidate? Many, many questions and still no quality answers.

If this was a smear campaign, it backfired…as many supporters of the BoE candidate in question rallied to her defense (and by doing so, raised the profile of her campaign).

Good to see Howard County voters rejecting unfounded garbage.

In solidarity.

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  1. the negative, unsubstantiated comments on Sabina is nothing compared to the fact-based comments on Vicky Cutroneo, that are circulating on closed groups. And Yungmann. Very entertaining. The failure to engage and hear what people really know and are thinking is a true loss of a FB platform, especially named Howard County Md.