Saturday, January 11, 2020

Howard County Neighbors United: Hypocrisy Alert

First, if you would like to hear a lively and engaging discussion on multiple topics of interest, please check out the latest installment of Forward Maryland...ideal for post-game or Sunday listening!

Turning to the topic referenced by the title...

An Admin for this Facebook group has been busy posting reminders such as "be respectful and courteous," "no personal attacks, hate speech, or bullying," "no generalizations," and "no partisan political commentary,"

Meanwhile, a cursory glance at such group threads as the link to the Dailycaller (!) story, "Maryland Legislator Wants to Steer Low-Income Housing to Affluent Suburban Neighborhoods" or the News Break piece, "Howard County Executive Calvin Ball Agrees to Let Refugees Be Resettled in County" will reveal numerous...shall we say...posting policy transgressions.

Occasionally, one will come across a comment that seeks to rebut some of the more reprehensible posts, but the coded (and sometimes uncoded) language is easy to spot.

One the members of this group realize that some of their fellow commentators sound as though they belong to a latter-day Citizens Council?  Where is the resolve to stand up against such sentiments?  Perhaps instead of choosing civility, more people should choose courage.

In solidarity.

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