Thursday, January 2, 2020

King of Misnomers

I was un-banned recently (and most likely temporarily) from the Howard County Redistricting Opposition Group.  As a result, I was able to view some posts about the “HoCo Families for Educational Improvement (FEI),” the group which inspired the title of this article.

There was a fundraising link for the FEI which noted that they only accept donations from Maryland residents.  Why not Howard County residents only?  Why are they apparently willing to receive cash infusions from folks residing in, for example, Garrett County?  Won’t outside dollars lead to outside influence?  It is “HoCo Families,” is it not? 

Beyond that, I see more of a commitment by this group to partisan name-calling and invective-laden personal denunciations of those combatting segregation than I do anything resembling “educational improvement.”  It takes but a quick glance at the comments to see the vitriol of the Opposers in full effect.

Fig leaves wilt and crumble, every candidate seeking election to the Howard County Board of Education needs to recognize this fundamental point.  The watchers will themselves be watched.  And their words and actions subject to the highest levels of scrutiny.   

It is called accountability, ladies and gentlemen, and the deceivers shall be called out by name.

Happy New Year Dear Readers!

In solidarity.

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