Saturday, January 18, 2020

Cabal of Opposers

The present author had the opportunity to review recent campaign finance reports. While not all of the listed contributors are anti-education equity (at least publicly), some interesting findings/relationships came to light.

District 1:

Notable contributions to Christina Delmont-Small

Mark Newgent, Hogan aide & former Red Maryland contributor           $100
Chris Oxenham, Republican political operative                                            $40
Dr. Yun Lu, Board of Education candidate (District 5)                                $40
Lisa Kim (the same Lisa Kim who criticized the voters in the 4th County Council District for not electing her to public office in 2018?)                                                      $40
Cindy Vaillancourt, former BoE member, seeking election in District 5 $40
Steven Keller, Admin, Howard County Neighbors United                         $40

District 2:

Notable contributions to Larry Pretlow

Matt Levine, Board of Education candidate                                                  $50
Dr. Yun Lu                                                                                                            $25

District 4:

Notable contributions to Matt Levine

Larry Pretlow, frequent candidate                                                                 $50

Notable contributions to Sezin Palmer                                           

Steven Keller                                                                                                      $50
Dr. Yun Lu                                                                                                          $50
Larry Pretlow                                                                                                     $50

District 5:

Notable contributions to Dr. Saif Rehman                                      

Raj Kathuria (2018 County Council candidate, District 1)                  $251

With a few days remaining until the candidate filing deadline, it remains to be seen who else might decide to run for a Board of Education seat in 2020.  That said, it looks like an anti-education equity slate, funded in part by conservative donors, is taking shape.

Now is the time for serious people, dedicated to serving the public and committed to progressive values, to reflect upon the importance of a Board of Education that shares their vision for Howard County.     

“To whom much is given, much will be required.”

In solidarity.


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