Friday, May 17, 2019

Spinal Tarp

Who is rarin’ for some Esoterica? Which, as you know, is the title of a long-forgotten 1987 release from Def Leppard….’s former gardener Sven “the Tornado Puncher” Hedlund.  Who can forget, or hope to forgive, his now-infamous tour, the Magical Mystery Blur?  Not his fans, and certainty not the team of ravenous litigators representing Messrs. McCartney, Harrison, Starr, and the estate of J. Lennon.

[Note: No joke, I came up with that name, seemingly at random, but then I thought, well perhaps I should look it up just to be certain there is no Sven Hedlund guilty of war crimes.  Sure enough, there is a Svenne Hedlund, who was an actual Swedish pop singer.  Perhaps I knew it all along and it was in my subconscious?]

No matter. I am working on a project where a skilled expert informed me that I have eight seconds to impart my message.  I am long past that mark so you are probably not even reading this. 

You might have noticed my extended absence, or looking at it another way, a prolonged visit from my old friend Hiram “Hy” Atus. Read it slowly.

Work has been keeping me quite occupied since January so malheureusement, I have not been able to focus on local HoCo matters. 

My readership numbers tell me you are less interested in my musings on socialism or British politics.  Well, that’s steely fromage as they say in Akron.  I am about half-way through with Bhaskar Sunkara’s latest, “The Socialist Manifesto: The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality” and it is a delightful page-turner, both accessible and informative. I will likely pen a review shortly after I complete it.

I am tempted to comment on the state of the presidential race, but I will not plummet down that hole Lidsville-style.  I will say this: I am waiting on Stacey Abrams.  If she doesn’t join the fray, I am down to three choices:  Elizabeth Warren (talkin’ codetermination!) and Kamala Harris are running neck-and-neck for the lead…with Comrade Sanders (imagine it being said by Peter Taaffe, it will sound better) in third.  Then comes the next tier…

I really want to get fired up over the latest HoCo BoE developments but my interests tend to be on the international and national scene…so I would say expect more of that in 2019.

And no, in answer to a fan letter, I am not Slats.  I am only 10% similar to him, 15% on a bad day.  He may appear every so often, we shall see.

Let’s wrap it up there. 

In solidarity.