Wednesday, December 17, 2014

These Three Things

Support: the efforts of the Horizon Foundation and their coalition partners (known collectively as Sugar Free Kids Maryland) to terminate, with extreme prejudice, the state’s sales tax on bottled water.  Tax relief combined with promoting healthier beverage options? Seems like sound public policy.

Support: the decision by the Obama Administration to move in the direction of normalizing relations with Cuba.  Up until recently, our policy toward our neighbor has been caught up in a Cold War vortex, with some modifications over the past couple of decades.  I am well aware of the regime’s human rights record, which doesn't exactly differentiate Cuba from at least 30 other nations I could rattle off.  This presents an opportunity for the U.S. to expand our influence, and promote our ideals, during what promises to be a transitional period in Cuba’s history. It is better that the diplomatic shift occurs now before any potential post-Castro chaos ensues.  The differing perspectives I have heard today tend to be backward looking, politically motivated, and neglectful of the present-day needs of the Cuban people.  President Obama is dealing with the world as it is, and a reality-based foreign policy is a very good thing.

Support: an open exchange of ideas among Democrats as the Party constructs a new path forward.  A rigorous discussion among multiple presidential candidates would help facilitate a much-needed national conversation as to what constitutes a Democratic governing vision and which principles and policies we should emphasize as we seek to regain our electoral footing. 

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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