Sunday, January 29, 2017

Archipelago of Nightmares

This is what happens when the Electoral College elects a reckless, feckless goon who surrounds himself primarily with intellectual lightweights and dilettantes, hypocritical office-seekers, hustlers out for a buck, and racists and their fellow travelers.

President Trump’s recent Executive Order on immigration, better known as the “Muslim Ban,” will not make America any safer.  This rushed and thoroughly under-vetted action invoked 9/11 yet oddly, it did not cover the nations from which the 9/11 hijackers came, most notably Saudi Arabia.  Could that be because of Mr. Trump’s business interests? Quite possibly but his lack of transparency on his finances makes the extent of his Saudi dealings unclear.  His failure to place the public good about his private interests, in reality and perception, is deeply troubling.  

On top of that comes the news that Steve Bannon, pedlar of alt-right bilge, is on the National Security Council.  And I thought we won World War II.   Reagan and GHW Bush had, among others, James Baker, even W had some heavy-hitters around his White House.  They were grievously wrong on multiple fronts, but they were within the bounds of sanity.

The casual- to- the-point-of-accidental relationship that exists between his Administration and the truth is evidence that the President cannot be trusted, not by Republicans, not by our allies overseas, not by anyone.  There might be occasional convergences of interests but make no mistake, there is no Weltanschauung to this President beyond a seemingly endless and bitter selfishness.

This, ultimately, will likely prove to be the undoing of his Administration.  Once a critical mass of Trump voters, and GOP Members of Congress, realize that Trump isn’t so much a Republican but an irresponsible, aspiring tin-horn with no respect for conservative values or our Constitutional order, they will move away from him in droves.  Lacking such a base, he will be like President John Tyler, a man without a party.  Let us hope this realization occurs sooner than later.



  1. Not defending Trump...but this may shed some light on where the list of countries comes from....(note the date):

  2. Scott,

    Thank you for the information. My larger point holds on the manner in which this action was taken, and his opacity of this Administration. There are far too many unknowns and far too many Know-Nothings in decision-making roles.

  3. I agree with you except for the one part that I wish was true. You and I and others with a world view that thinks the facts will pile up, the egregious stories will become a pile of irrefutable truths and that the nature of DJT's being and the intentions of #PresidentBannon manipulations will sway others to change their minds.

    I don't think they'll be swayed. I don't see any indication of it. They're not reading what we're reading. They believe his lies. They believe things Sean Spicer says. They're not doing critical thinking or independent research. And, more so, they love DJT and believe in him.

    Some who voted for him will change their minds. Maybe 10%, maybe 20.

    But what you (and I, as well) see as mounting evidence of his kleptocracy, dictatorship and the incompetence to lead a country as great as the US, others simply won't see, hear or believe even when faced with irrefutable facts.

    And, to me, that's why this whole situation is stranger than fiction. The dragon has been unleashed from the dungeons. It's out. The world just shifted. I, for one, am in as a force for the direction of humanity I wish to see more of. And, yes, I'm starting with--but certainly not ending with--the man in the mirror.