Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Short Elegy for the Big Man

I attended the funeral of a friend today.  Having a flair for the theatrical, he would have been delighted that it was a Standing Room Only event. 

James could have been a household name.  He was a prodigious talent… a truly impressive vocalist who could have made a career of it.  His performances were the stuff of legend.  He always closed the show. Who would want to venture onto the stage after the audience heard him sing?

From the outset, I said this blog would talk about turning points and choices.  At some point, James recognized that international stardom might not be in the cards. He decided to focus on his 9 to 5 gig with the federal government and helping out his family as best he could.

He withdrew from many of his old friends in recent years.  Beset by health issues, he didn’t always make the best decisions.  Finally, the physical and emotional stresses overcame his considerable will to live and he passed from this Earth suddenly.  His heart muscle – the one he worked out most often – had no beats left. 

Although the world may not mourn James, his family and friends will remember him as our star.  He was Hollywood-on-the-Severn.  A genuinely nice and caring man, he will be missed until we are all reunited.  Rest in Peace Big Man.

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