Saturday, April 19, 2014

All Quiet in Wilde Lake?

Hardly.  That said, the Village election is only days away (April 26) and our races for the Wilde Lake Village Board (WLVB) and the Columbia Association (CA) Representative are uncontested.  All five WLVB candidates appearing on the ballot will be elected.  The CA Rep is running unopposed for another one-year term. 

So I will focus on the three contested CA Representative races. 

In Harper’s Choice: Bob Fontaine stands out as the far superior choice.  He has an impressive background in community service.  As a current member of the Harper’s Choice Village Board and in light of his skill-set, he is well-equipped to represent the Village and help facilitate the “civil discourse” he mentions in his candidate statement (Columbia Flier, April 17, 2014).  The Board needs consensus builders like Fontaine, not firebrands. 

In Town Center: Suzanne Waller has served on the CA Board capably.  In comparison, her opponent’s resume and platform seem rather thin.

In Hickory Ridge: Harry Schwarz has a positive, forward-looking vision and a long-track record of community involvement.  He has some solid ideas on enhancing community engagement. If elected, he would be an excellent Columbia Association Representative.

That is all for today. 

Stay tuned, as more will follow.


  1. Thank you, Jason. I appreciate your contributions to the discourse and support of my candidacy.

  2. Thank you for your write-up and endorsements here, Jason. The CA elections are, I believe, for many a bit of "huh? who am I voting for and why?" sort of thing. It's hard enough to understand what CA does, and then to understand what the board does and how it functions ... well, it's not so easy.

    Having worked at CA, attended dozens of CA board meetings, and interacted with the board, I feel I have an understanding of the qualities for the CA board leadership. I personally know and have served with both Harry Schwarz and Bob Fontaine, in number of ways ... and I heartily recommend both of them for the job. And Suzanne Waller is clearly a better choice than her apparently distrusting and fear-based opponent.

    People of Hickory Ridge, Harpers Choice and Town Center, vote! April 26th!

  3. Thank you, Jessie. I know that's heartfelt and honest. It has been a pleasure to partner with you over the the years. Now on with the good fight. I know you'll distribute your endorsement widely.