Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ambulatory Guidance

“Don’t step on your own balls.” – Paul Welday, 1995

The Michigan-based Republican strategist who uttered these words passed away yesterday, at the age of 57.

He said this phrase at an organizational meeting for Ronna Romney for U.S. Senate, which was her second bid for that high public office.  He was the Campaign Manager and the attendees were, like me, relatively young operatives.  He was in his late 30s and thus at least a half-generation older than the others in the room.   

In his own earthy way, he was advising the assembled to be mindful, to reflect before acting, to minimize the risk of unforced errors.   It remains good counsel.

Welday remained in the political consulting and government affairs arenas.  He worked hard and was well-respected.   He sought elective office a couple of times and while he helped many other candidates win, he couldn’t quite grasp that particular brass ring for himself.  That said, he would have made a darn good Member of Congress.

On this Primary Election Night, I will hoist a tumbler of Dewar’s, his beverage of choice, in his memory.  He was one of us.

Stay tuned as more will follow.

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