Friday, April 8, 2016


I have to admit, the Barcelona excursion was quite restorative.   It feels good to have a fresh cup of perspective.

I will keep it short, my third vote in the upcoming primary election for the HoCo BoE will be going to Robert Wayne Miller.

In terms of his personal attributes, as I discussed previously, he is a thoughtful individual with a deep understanding of education issues. 

He deserves to be on the general election ballot.

I expect that Ellis and Coombs will advance to the top six.  Moreover, I anticipate that Siddiqui and Giles will also be on the November ballot.

That leaves two remaining positions.  I believe it is likely that Delmont-Small will be a leading vote-getter, so that is one member of the Slate of Two. 

Hopefully, DeLacy will finish seventh (or worse), so either Miller or Cutroneo will compete in the general election.  Of the two latter candidates, for me, Miller has the edge. 

Stay tuned, as more will follow.


  1. Hello Jason,

    I like some of your choices, but in terms of making it into the top six.... I would not ignore Cory Andrews's and Pravin Ponnuri's viability. Pravin has a good sign and canvass organization, but Cory has a huge location advantage over the other candidates and has a very visible campaign in the eastern side of the county. I don't know who I'm voting for yet, and Miller may be a good candidate, but he has no visibility, campaign organization, or identifiabile geographic base that another candidate doesn't share... at least ad far as I've seen.

    Jim Bakulek

    1. And I'll as that as an elkridge resident, I think I've only actually had door-to-door contact or literature left at my home from the Coombs and Andrews campaigns.

    2. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for reading. That is the thing about this cycle, i can see 10 of the 11 candidates with pathways to the top 6 (all but Bedolla).

      There are folks who could finish in 3rd place, or 7th. It is going to be a fun Election Night.