Wednesday, March 14, 2018

No Recap, No Precap

Greetings. Some quick updates:

My professional and academic schedules are going to continue to demand the vast majority of my non-slumbering hours between now and early May.  As the recently and dearly departed David Ogden Stiers, in the role of Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, once remarked about himself, “I do one thing at a time.  I do it very well.  And then, I move on.”  Amen, brother.

So unlike 2014, when the present author was all about being “in the room” at every gathering involving two or more candidates, 2018 has been tough sledding.  My current election cycle forum attendance count has maintained at a steady zero.  I find myself more reliant on social media, on traditional media, and on word-of-mouth for news I can use.  So, I would like to thank the folks who are doing the heavy lifting there. It is my hope that I can re-join the fray in a matter of weeks.

Of course, there have been some interesting developments.  My comrades in Our Revolution Howard (note: I belong to the national chapter, I have not been active with the local group) have made some interesting endorsements for state and local office. 

Specifically, Ben Jealous for the Democratic nomination for Governor (which makes sense given the Bernie-tendencies of this group and his involvement in the Sanders campaign, and related efforts, in 2016…and beyond).  That is old news. 

More recently, on March 12, the local chapter announced their backing of Jen Terrasa for District 13 Delegate (Yes!), Hiruy Hadgu for County Council District 3 (well, I can see why they would make that choice, but I have already expressed my own preference in that district), and J. Ward Morrow for Orphans' Court Judge. 

Let’s first acknowledge the raise of the eyebrow and smirking chuckle involved with some endorsements in the Orphans' Court race.  I’ve read his bio, Morrow seems extremely well-qualified for the position.  All of the six candidates who filed appear qualified. I am already supporting two incumbents, Leslie Smith Turner and Nicole Bormel Miller, so I don’t wish to comment further. I will say that I haven’t seen much from the third incumbent this cycle, Anne Dodd.  Meanwhile, Morrow and Elizabeth Ann Fitch have been quite active communicating via social media platforms.  And kudos to them for doing so.  The remaining candidate, Ajile Brown, I haven’t seen as much from her campaign yet. 

As I commented on extensively in past cycles, the Apple ballot is a huge deal in Democratic primaries (signed, Captain Obvious).  I am curious to see what happens with the HCEA in races such as HoCo Council D3, D4 (do the right thing!), and (surprisingly) D1.

Beyond that, I wanted to thank – formally – Corey Andrews for developing and sending out those HoCo Board of Education candidate questionnaires.  The responses have been…illuminating.  I am still going through them.  I am hoping to have some initial thoughts in decent enough form for me to do a write up…perhaps as early as this weekend but we shall see.  And thanks to Scott Ewart for aggregating the content for easy viewing.  A bucket of kudos all around.   

Have to conduct an in-depth interview in 20 minutes.  Just in time…

In solidarity.

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