Monday, March 26, 2018

Why Not the Best – District 12: 2018 Edition

With 3 months remaining until Primary Day, 2018, I wanted to go on record with my thought process regarding Maryland’s District 12 House of Delegates race.

I fully recognize that some find “blog” endorsements to be presumptuous.  Fortunately for yours truly, such persons are not part of the media and policy attentive activists that I refer to, collectively, as “my base.”

I have already written about Delegate Terri Hill and my support for her re-election.

Today, I am delighted to announce my support for Dr. James Howard and Jessica Feldmark for the other two D12 seats.

There are some who argue that Dr. Howard is not the best potential state legislator in his household, but Nina Basu is not running in 2018 and thus the debate is moot.  Dr. Howard is extremely smart, a true policy wonk, and independent-minded to the point where this blog has no concern that he would “go Annapolis.”  He isn’t an ivory tower sort, having been active in the community for many years. He gets the problems facing Howard and Baltimore Counties and has the capacity to develop creative, yet practical, solutions. In a nation with plenty of bland office-seekers, Dr. Howard is unafraid to express his opinions.  Maryland could use more authentic public officials who are in politics to promote the common good.  Dr. Howard would represent us well.  That is why I am voting for him in June.

I have heard great things about Jessica Feldmark for years.  She has a depth of experience in public service, both inside and outside of government, that would serve her extremely well as a District 12 Delegate. Ms. Feldmark has rolled up her sleeves and achieved real-world results on education funding, on environmental efforts, and on health care needs, amongst other issues.  She is a serious-minded progressive whose immersion in local matters gives her valuable insights on community needs, and how government can help meet those needs. She has worked on our behalf already; and served capably in the Ulman Administration as his Chief of Staff and currently as the Howard County Council Administrator.  She will be an excellent state legislator who will work diligently for District 12.  That is why I am voting for her in June.

So there you have it, in no particular order, Hill – Howard – Feldmark.  That reads like a winning ticket for 2018 and beyond.

In solidarity.

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