Thursday, November 1, 2018

Through 7 Days

Early Voting Breakouts – by Party Registration:

D – 60.48% (that 60% threshold is important.  If the total electorate, including EV, ED, AV, and provisional ballots ends up being 60%+ Democratic, it should be a good day for Calvin Ball, among others).
R – 22.35%
I – 15.94%
O – 1.23%

% of populations that have cast EV ballots (by party registration):

D – 21.96%
R – 15.93%
I – 13.08%
O – 13.46%

Other races of interest:

-       Legislative district 9B – 23.87% EV, only one other district (23B) is > 20%.
-       Councilmanic District 1 – 20.84% places first, followed by District 4 (20.44%)

Absentee ballots.  Looking at the number of AV ballots sent out, and the percentage returned, the Republicans have an edge there:

38.86% of the Republicans who were sent such ballots have returned them, compared to 31.27% of the Democrats and 25.12% of the Others (Unaffiliateds + Other Party).

This is not a surprising breakout… but if you are a Democrat who is voting absentee, please fill it out and send it back in.  Your ballot won’t do much good sitting on your kitchen table.

In solidarity.

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