Thursday, May 14, 2020

A is for Ally

Recently, the Community Allies of Rainbow Youth (CARY) posted their Howard County Board of Education Survey and Ratings.  That information can be found here:

In light of recent campaign developments, it is worth re-posting the grades here.  In this case, sorted by grade.  I believe this makes it easier to see the sharp divide that exists between the BoE candidates.  Also, let’s look for patterns.  If the candidate condemned the social media posts made by a certain BoE candidate in District Three, there will be an asterisk by their name.  Candidates who have been essentially endorsed by the Howard County Republican Club (Their own words: “We recommend you look at the following candidates that share our conservative values…”) will have an “R” by their name.

The Top of the Class:
Matthew Molyett – A (District 1)*
Antonia Barkley Watts – A (District 2)*
James Cecil – A (District 2)*
Jolene Mosley – A (District 3)*
Jen Mallo – A (District 4)*
Kirsten Coombs – A (District 4)*

Those With Average or Above Average Grades:
Cindy Vaillancourt – B (District 5)*
Tom Heffner – C (District 3)*

Those With Poor but Passing Grades:
Matt Levine – D (District 4) – R

Those Who Failed:
Christina Delmont-Small – F (District 1) – R
Larry Pretlow – F (District 2) – R
Gian Alfeo – F (District 3) – R
Sezin Palmer – F (District 4) – R*
Daniel Margolis – A No-Response F (District 4)
Yun Lu – A No-Response F (District 5) – R
Saif Rehman – A No-Response F (District 5) – R
Gene Ryan – A No-Response F (District 5) – R

There appears to be a correlation between values and ideological perspectives (and their very close cousin: partisan affiliations) and HCPSS operational and communications issues.  Who knew?  Wait, many people know this.  How do we know this? Because we understand the linkage between world-views (awareness, attitudes, preferences) and public policymaking (behaviors).

My point being: if the issues discussed in CARY’s questionnaires are important to you, and you find yourself in alignment with them, then take a good look at those who earned A’s and those who received D’s and F’s. And sear that information onto your brain (figuratively of course).  Keep it in mind as you fill out your ballot.

In solidarity.

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