Sunday, May 31, 2020

An Open Letter to White Protestors

I am more likely to believe that the white protestors who are engaging in acts of vandalism over the course of the past several days are, overwhelmingly, right-wing agent provocateurs. True anti-fascist allies would not be using legitimate, peaceful protests against racism and police brutality as a cover in order to act out and damage property. Moreover, no offense to my friends on the left…these white protestors seem to be operating in a very organized manner.  The Left is seldom so well-organized.

That said, if any white socialists, communists, or anarchists are committing such acts, they need to stop…immediately.

Those white folks who are smashing windows, setting fires, and flipping over cop cars are subverting the point of the protests – which are about combatting racism and ending police violence against Black and Brown people.  Full stop.

By acting in such a manner, those white folks are providing fuel for the media outlets (and others) that want to portray these uprisings as something they are not – lawless riots.  The true lawless rioters have been the racist cops who are using these protests to commit acts of violence against those who are exercising their First Amendment rights, specifically freedom of speech and the right of the people to peacefully assemble. What we are seeing now are akin to the police riots of Chicago ’68, but on a national scale.

Furthermore, these white “protestors” need to recognize that the consequences of their actions are far more likely to have a negative impact on Black and Brown people.  Who will the police target for reprisals?  Not Skippy from the ‘burbs who thought it would be “fun” to graffiti a bank or smash out a headlight or two.  And burning businesses, especially small businesses that serve predominately Black and Brown communities, just makes life harder for said communities.

In short, if you are a white protestor who is engaging in such behaviors or even thinking about it, cut that shit out.  You are damaging the cause and, more importantly, hurting those you should be supporting.  Be a good ally, don’t make it about you, and listen to your Black and Brown comrades. 

In solidarity.  

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