Monday, May 18, 2020

Mostly Levine with a Little Palmer

In a typical election cycle, I would not spend much time writing about Matt Levine, candidate for Howard County Board of Education and local shouter-at-clouds.  But in this world where a morally bankrupt megalomaniac reality tv performer can become President of the United States, it is best to bring relevant information to light.

The Howard County Progress Report already did an excellent job of discussing his proclivity for tossing rhetorical firebombs.  Even some Republicans and right-of-center Independents I know roll their eyes at the mention of his name.  The common theme expressed is, “if elected, precisely what problem would he not make 100% worse?”

If you are concerned about having greater collegiality on the Board, Mr. Levine’s penchant for hurling insults makes him more of a bridge-burner than builder.

If you are seeking a candidate who possesses a great deal of education subject matter expertise, you would be hard-pressed to find that quality within Mr. Levine.  I went to the Howard County Neighbors United YouTube page, where they posted clips from an HCPSS Board of Education forum that occurred on February 24, 2020.  I was actually doing some fact-finding on another candidate when I decided to watch the Matt Levine clips, which featured his responses to several pressing, and usually complex, questions facing our schools.  His answers were shockingly vague and platitude filled. I strongly encourage you to visit this page to see for yourself:    

His views on inclusion and equity reveal a hard-edged, dogmatic conservativism that do not prefigure an ability to work well with others, on the Board, in the school system, or in the community.

And yes, his campaign does have a tendency to place yard signs illegally.  I think we can agree that being a scofflaw is a bad thing.

I am hard-pressed to come up with any positive attributes about Mr. Levine.  I think back to some of my past campaigns, going all the way back to the “Before Time” when I was a GOP pollster. Newt Gingrich was a terrible human being but at least he was capable of discussing weighty policy matters.  Dan Quayle was wrong on a host of issues but at least he was amiable.  Matt Levine…?

Shifting focus for a moment, I have one update on Sezin Palmer. I don’t know if this was discussed elsewhere but I believe this screen capture expresses a certain cut-and-run mentality, a lack of depth of commitment to Howard County Public Schools that some may find troubling:

That is all for today.

In solidarity.

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