Friday, October 12, 2018

A Reply to David Yungmann

I wanted to respond to some of the recent comments made by Mr. Yungmann, as re-posted on Scott E’s Blog.  That story can be found here:

The short version of my reply (for the time-pressed):

“Too much, too little, too late, too triangulating.”

For those with more time, I will delve somewhat deeper.

1) Apparently, Mr. Yungmann believes I am recovering from the head injury that I assuredly must have suffered when I, first arriving in town last week, fell off the turnip truck. 

First, despite being, in his own words, a “45-year resident of Howard County District 5,” those were the five accomplishments he chose to highlight?  Surely there were others? Right? Perhaps not.

By including the mosque issue on his campaign literature, he is signaling to the GOP base…many of whom are more concerned about the word “mosque” than the word “huge” in that sentence.  His campaign certainly knows this.  He can claim it was about zoning, and perhaps, just perhaps, that is actually why he personally opposed it.  Who knows? My point, which he chose not to address, is that he included this specific message in his lit – phrased in precisely that manner – intentionally.        

2) For those who received support from David Yungmann in recent campaigns, I would still like to hear their thoughts on the mosque issue as well as whether or not they agree with Mr. Yungmann on other issues, such as education & school safety.  His views on several topics can be found here:

Stay tuned, as more will follow.

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