Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Through Day 5: The Reckoning

I don’t know if Scott is busy “12 Angry Men’ing” this morning – so there might be two blog posts tracking Howard County Early Voting patterns.

Through 5 days (through 10/29/18), 12.97% of HoCo voters have cast their ballots via Early Voting.  So the Over/Under of 20% through 8 days sounds about right.

The party composition numbers are largely holding from yesterday.  61% of those who early voted are registered Democrats.  The GOP % ticked up very slightly to 22.3%. The Unaffiliateds comprise 15.5% of the EV electorate while the Others account for the remaining 1.2%.

These numbers are still favorable for Democratic/progressive candidates.

At the Councilmanic district level, 15% of District One RV’s have early voted, followed by 14.69% in District Four.  At this rate, the EV tally for District One might end up close to 25%.

At the state legislative level, the EV percentage for 9B stands at 17.36%.  The next closest in the state is 37B, over on the Eastern Shore, at 14.43%.   

The Howard County portion of District 12 (14.41%) is also registering high turnout numbers.  Compare that to District 13 (10.61%) and the part of D9A that is in HoCo (13.22%).

In solidarity.

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