Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Word Salad

Is someone missing a script for a 60-second political campaign ad?  I came across this at Starbucks, while I was reading The Business Monthly article.  If you think it might be yours, let me know.  Thanks. - JAB

Candidate talking into the camera. Start with medium shot…slow pull into extreme close up [note: Dutch angle?]


Hi, I’m [fill in the blank].

And I am concerned about compassion.

We need inclusive innovation, a 23rd Century economy with a 22nd Century quality of life.

Now THAT’S being ahead of the curve… while at the table, in partnership.

We need green jobs and green schools…filled with green books and green pens.

Because, my friends, you can’t solve the problems facing our families with teal.

We need to be accountable to the people…

And to accountants…and to Sesame Street’s Count von Count.

Above all else, we need efficient and caring opportunity, for positive growth.

In Howard County, our children should stand seven feet tall so they can ALL be above partisan politics.

Which is 4’8” at best.

So, I am asking for your vote, for awesome and equal leadership.

For a vision of educated zoning in our future.

Together, for all of us.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect X as Y.

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